Chiropractic Care for Accidents


Dr James Schofield

I hope your New Year is going well!

I’d like to tell you about a patient I’ve known for many years. Her name is Jennifer. Jennifer initially came to my office 15 years ago. She had constant achiness, tension and tightness in her neck, shoulders and mid back. She suffered from headaches every day. She was a working, single mother with two children and her pain made it difficult for her to be able to concentrate at her job and to have the energy needed to take care of her kids.

Her condition had started several years before. She’d been in two whiplash auto accidents that had injured her neck. But, as she was busy, she had not seen any healthcare professionals for treatment of her injuries. As a result, her problems gradually worsened. She finally got to a point where she knew something had to be done. That’s when she came to my office.

We found the ranges of motion in her neck was very restricted and painful and she had significant muscle spasms.

To help her I utilized gentle chiropractic methods to realign her spine. After her neck movements were improved and her muscle spasms were reduced we used more traditional chiropractic adjusting methods. As Jennifer’s problems were corrected she felt better and, eventually, was pain free.

I tell you about this case because many people and healthcare professionals have concern that chiropractic treatment might be harmful. When initially meeting with a patient, chiropractors are trained to determine if we can help. Sometimes we may not be able to use traditional chiropractic methods, however we are trained in many other gentle “soft touch” chiropractic care treatments that are safe and effective. If I can help a patient, I’ll let them know. If I can’t help, I will also let them know.

If you, a friend, or a loved one is involved in an accident please call our office. We are always ready to help you in your quest for good health.

Warm Regards,

James J. Schofield, D.C.


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