Chiropractic Care and Stretching and Strengthening Exercises Help Patients with Neck Pain

Neck Pain 2
Neck Pain

People suffering with neck pain can be helped with chiropractic care and exercises. Most people know that chiropractors can help patients suffering with neck pain. Many might be surprised to know that chiropractic care has been helping neck pain sufferers for over 125 years.

When treating people with neck discomfort a chiropractor will check the bones of the spine, called cervical vertebrae, to see if there are misalignments or improperly moving joints. The doctor of chiropractic can then perform gentle spinal adjustments to correct these physical abnormalities.

Additionally, a chiropractor will evaluate the patient’s posture and check for possible loss of flexibility and weakness of the muscles of the upper body.

Many of us, due to prolonged and ongoing sitting which may date back to early childhood, have poor posture. Most people’s posture show forward slumping heads and shoulders Because this posture has become chronic the muscles in the front of the body, especially the neck and chest, become tight and inflexible. These muscles need to be stretched properly and regularly. The muscles in the back of the upper body tend to become weak. These would include the muscles in the back of the neck and in the lower shoulder blade area. These muscles need to be gently strengthened.

The strengthening and stretching exercises performed only take a few minutes and do not need any equipment. The patient can be trained to perform the exercises at home.

When the combination of safe, gentle, effective chiropractic care and specific exercises are utilized for patients suffering from neck pain most will achieve relief of their discomfort and avoid having to take potentially harmful pain medications or undergo risky surgery.

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Your Hip and Pelvic Sacroiliac Pain Can Be Helped with Chiropractic Care

Hip and Sacroiliac Pain
Hip and Sacroiliac Pain


Many people experience pain in their hip and pelvic sacroiliac joint areas that are helped with chiropractic treatment.

The hip joint is a common source of pain. Likewise, a joint in the buttock area, called the sacroiliac joint can cause discomfort. The sacroiliac joint is in the posterior pelvic area on both sides of the body. These joints are related and must be evaluated together when hoping to achieve relief of pain.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint and is the largest joint of the body. Like the shoulder and thumb it is one of only three joints in the body that moves in all directions.

The sacroiliac joints are gliding joints in the pelvis and move gently back and forth when we are walking.

Sometimes the sacroiliac joints can become misaligned or move improperly. This can result in pain in the buttock area. If the pelvis is misaligned or moves improperly it can affect one or both hip joints and cause them to be irritated also.

Chiropractors are doctors who look at patient’s physical structure. A chiropractor can evaluate a patient’s sacroiliac joints for misalignment or abnormal movement and determine if this is also causing irritation to one or both hip joints.

If there is a structural problem in the pelvic sacroiliac joints and hip joints a chiropractor will give what are called “adjustments” to correct the abnormality. Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and effective. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to perform adjustments by hand or by utilizing specialized treatment tables that patient’s lie on or by using an instrument.

Chiropractic care has been helping patients with hip and a pelvic sacroiliac joint problems for over 125 years without the use of potentially harmful pain medications or invasive surgery.

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Sleep Troubles Can Be Helped with Chiropractic Care


photo of a woman hugging a blue pillow
Sleep Troubles May Be Helped With Chiropractic Care

Many people with sleep disorders are regularly helped with chiropractic care. Most people know that chiropractic care can help with neck or back pain. But many may be surprised to find that chiropractors have been helping people to get better sleep for over 125 years.

A large portion of the population have problems initiating sleep, maintaining sleep, early awakening and lack restorative sleep. Not only does this leave a person exhausted and have less than abundant energy but it can affect relationships and possibly create danger if that person is driving a car or caring for children.

Research also shows that poor sleep can also lead to chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain. A study in the scientific journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, November 2018 found over the course of an 18-year study, participants who developed problems with sleep had almost double the risk for developing chronic widespread pain.

Chiropractic care evaluates a person to see if neck or back pain or discomfort of other areas of the body can be helped naturally. A doctor of chiropractic will evaluate the patient’s spinal vertebrae for misalignment or improper movement. If an abnormality is found the chiropractor can utilize safe, gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments to correct the misalignment/movement problem helping to reduce or eliminate pain.

Once patient’s discomfort and pain levels are reduced they find it easier to relax and reach a normal level of calming. It is common for these people to achieve much better sleep. They can fall asleep easily and maintain their sleep through normal hours of the night and awaken refreshed and restored.

By seeking chiropractic care for sleep disorders many people are able to live normal, energetic, productive lives without the use of potentially harmful sleep aid pharmaceuticals.

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Chiropractic Care for Accidents


Dr James Schofield

I hope your New Year is going well!

I’d like to tell you about a patient I’ve known for many years. Her name is Jennifer. Jennifer initially came to my office 15 years ago. She had constant achiness, tension and tightness in her neck, shoulders and mid back. She suffered from headaches every day. She was a working, single mother with two children and her pain made it difficult for her to be able to concentrate at her job and to have the energy needed to take care of her kids.

Her condition had started several years before. She’d been in two whiplash auto accidents that had injured her neck. But, as she was busy, she had not seen any healthcare professionals for treatment of her injuries. As a result, her problems gradually worsened. She finally got to a point where she knew something had to be done. That’s when she came to my office.

We found the ranges of motion in her neck was very restricted and painful and she had significant muscle spasms.

To help her I utilized gentle chiropractic methods to realign her spine. After her neck movements were improved and her muscle spasms were reduced we used more traditional chiropractic adjusting methods. As Jennifer’s problems were corrected she felt better and, eventually, was pain free.

I tell you about this case because many people and healthcare professionals have concern that chiropractic treatment might be harmful. When initially meeting with a patient, chiropractors are trained to determine if we can help. Sometimes we may not be able to use traditional chiropractic methods, however we are trained in many other gentle “soft touch” chiropractic care treatments that are safe and effective. If I can help a patient, I’ll let them know. If I can’t help, I will also let them know.

If you, a friend, or a loved one is involved in an accident please call our office. We are always ready to help you in your quest for good health.

Warm Regards,

James J. Schofield, D.C.


Chiropractic Care and Specific Exercises Help Patients with Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

Chiropractic therapy and specific exercises for the neck muscles have been shown to be one of the most effective treatment methods to help patients suffering from neck pain. For over 100 years chiropractic care has been helping patients who have neck discomfort.

Most people know that chiropractors help those with neck discomfort by finding and correcting misalignments and improperly moving joints of bones of the neck called the cervical vertebrae. This helps alleviate pain that may have begun suddenly from an accident or may have accumulated through minor irritations and poor head and neck posture.

In addition to utilizing “spinal adjustments” to correct physical abnormalities of the cervical spine doctors of chiropractic also train patients to perform strengthening and stretching exercises which enhance outcomes. These exercises speed healing and pain relief and help, long-term, to improve upper body posture to keep painful conditions from recurring.

These exercises are simple and easy to perform and take very little time. No exercise equipment is needed. The patient is educated to perform the exercises on their own.

By utilizing methods of chiropractic care and specific stretching and strengthening neck exercises a great majority of patients can avoid taking pain medications and invasive surgery and gain relief from neck pain.

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