Chiropractic Care and Specific Exercises Help Patients with Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

Chiropractic therapy and specific exercises for the neck muscles have been shown to be one of the most effective treatment methods to help patients suffering from neck pain. For over 100 years chiropractic care has been helping patients who have neck discomfort.

Most people know that chiropractors help those with neck discomfort by finding and correcting misalignments and improperly moving joints of bones of the neck called the cervical vertebrae. This helps alleviate pain that may have begun suddenly from an accident or may have accumulated through minor irritations and poor head and neck posture.

In addition to utilizing “spinal adjustments” to correct physical abnormalities of the cervical spine doctors of chiropractic also train patients to perform strengthening and stretching exercises which enhance outcomes. These exercises speed healing and pain relief and help, long-term, to improve upper body posture to keep painful conditions from recurring.

These exercises are simple and easy to perform and take very little time. No exercise equipment is needed. The patient is educated to perform the exercises on their own.

By utilizing methods of chiropractic care and specific stretching and strengthening neck exercises a great majority of patients can avoid taking pain medications and invasive surgery and gain relief from neck pain.

To obtain neck pain relief visit the website of Dr James Schofield. Watch this video for help with neck pain treatment.

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