Mike Spangler
Dr James Schofield & Mike Spangler

I had numbness in my fingers caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. I really had not done anything to get help. My family members recommended Chiropractic.

Dr. Schofield listened to my problem, did X-Rays to identify the problem, did adjustments, and gave me an exercise program. I like to go bowling, golf, and play sports. I have been able to do things pain free as a result of the adjustments and exercises. I can do things now that I was unable to do before my care.

I would encourage anyone who is not sure about Chiropractic to try it.  It works!  Don’t expect immediate results, it is a process that includes doing exercises.  Dr. Schofield is very understanding and knowledgeable.  He can direct you, but you need to help yourself as well!

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