OUR PATIENTS SPEAK–Alicia Hornberger

Alicia Hornberger
I am being treated on a maintenance level for some general back and neck pain. I had gone to a Chiropractor previously before moving to Pittsburgh in 2017.
Dr. Schofield has helped me to maintain better posture and alignment by doing adjustments to my spine during my visits.
My job is teaching the blind and I like music, reading, and the outdoors. Chiropractic has helped me maintain better posture while sitting and working with my students. I rarely get headaches now due to chiropractic care.

Dr. Schofield is wonderful and very easy to work with! Chiropractic care is both a great alternative and a great supplement to treatment you may be receiving for various ailments! It is alright to be curious about how it benefits you, everyone’s experience is different! What may help provide temporary relief for one person, could nearly resolve the issue for another.

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