Chiropractic Care and Stretching and Strengthening Exercises Help Patients with Neck Pain

Neck Pain 2
Neck Pain

People suffering with neck pain can be helped with chiropractic care and exercises. Most people know that chiropractors can help patients suffering with neck pain. Many might be surprised to know that chiropractic care has been helping neck pain sufferers for over 125 years.

When treating people with neck discomfort a chiropractor will check the bones of the spine, called cervical vertebrae, to see if there are misalignments or improperly moving joints. The doctor of chiropractic can then perform gentle spinal adjustments to correct these physical abnormalities.

Additionally, a chiropractor will evaluate the patient’s posture and check for possible loss of flexibility and weakness of the muscles of the upper body.

Many of us, due to prolonged and ongoing sitting which may date back to early childhood, have poor posture. Most people’s posture show forward slumping heads and shoulders Because this posture has become chronic the muscles in the front of the body, especially the neck and chest, become tight and inflexible. These muscles need to be stretched properly and regularly. The muscles in the back of the upper body tend to become weak. These would include the muscles in the back of the neck and in the lower shoulder blade area. These muscles need to be gently strengthened.

The strengthening and stretching exercises performed only take a few minutes and do not need any equipment. The patient can be trained to perform the exercises at home.

When the combination of safe, gentle, effective chiropractic care and specific exercises are utilized for patients suffering from neck pain most will achieve relief of their discomfort and avoid having to take potentially harmful pain medications or undergo risky surgery.

Visit this site for natural neck pain relief. See this video for tips to avoid neck pain.

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