It’s a Great Time To Release Pain and Enjoy Being Healthy!

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Release Pain and Enjoy Health!

This Labor Day weekend and the first weeks of September are a favorite time of the year for me.

We go from the exuberance of summer, with its vacations, time at the swimming pool and outdoor activities to a slower pace. Autumn settles us back a bit and we return to our normal routines at school, work and home. We’ll still be busy with school sports and activities. We’ll even have to start wearing sweaters and raking leaves. But our lives will return to a more measured rhythm.

As we return to these regular rhythms and routines it’s always good to take an assessment of our health. I’ve heard it said: “If we have our health we have thousand dreams. If we don’t have health we have only one thing on our minds.”

Discomfort and pains can dampen our dreams and desires. We allow minor aches to persisting continue. Another ache comes along and then another. Soon we are putting up with daily misery. If this is your situation now is a perfect time to get back on track.

As your chiropractor, I hope you know you can always call to schedule a “check-up” visit.

If you are not in pain but would like to come in for a “tune-up” we can also accommodate you.

We always stand ready to help you in your quest for good health.

Please see reviews of Dr James Schofield. Visit our website.


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