Does Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications Lead to Chronic Neck and Lower Back Pain?

Many people take common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like Advil, Motrin, Tylenol, and Celebrex for neck and lower back pain. This may be helpful if back and neck pain occur very infrequently. However, if a person suffers multiple episodes of spinal pain and takes medications for ongoing pain of the spine, it can make the underlying problem worse. This article will discuss taking medications for neck and back pain. It will also provide a natural, practical, alternative consideration for treatment with chiropractic care.

Most neck and low back pain sufferers would like to correct the actual cause of their problem so that they don’t have to continue taking medications. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications have harmful side effects. They cause gastrointestinal irritation, and can lead to ulcers, bleeding, ulcers, and potentially death. These medication’s also affect the kidneys and, taken to the extreme, can lead to kidney disease requiring possible dialysis treatment and kidney organ replacement.

We must realize that the majority of neck and lower back pain is caused by misalignment of the spinal vertebrae, which causes pinched nerves and irritated spinal joints. This leads to pain and subsequent joint inflammation and muscle spasm. Medications can give temporary relief but cannot correct the spinal misalignment. If a person suffers multiple episodes of neck or back pain and keeps taking medications for the pain, the underlying misalignment problem worsens, and can begin to cause further injury and arthritis. Eventually, this person will become a chronic neck or back pain sufferer.

Chiropractic care seeks to correct the underlying spinal misalignment. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are a safe, practical, natural treatment for spinal pain relief. High satisfaction rates are given by patients receiving chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment regularly outperforms drugs in scientific research studies with none of the risks associated with pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractors are the preeminent healthcare providers, when it comes to relieving spinal neck pain and pain of the lower spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to diagnose and treat physical, mechanical alignment problems of spine pain. Most patients who go to chiropractors find that having a chiropractic adjustment is a safe, pleasant experience because it relieves tightness and spasm of the muscles by correcting the deeper spinal misalignment. The number of treatments and visits a patient requires to attain relief of their neck and back spinal pain will depend on how long they’ve had the condition and its severity.

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