Important Facts You Should Know to Obtain Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain affects many people and can necessitate a search for neck pain relief. Neck pain is the cause of much suffering, work absenteeism, sleepless nights, and can make it a challenge to get through one’s day. This article will discuss neck pain and a drug-free, nonsurgical approach to relieving neck pain through chiropractic care.

As a practicing chiropractor of 39 years, I have seen thousands of patients experiencing neck pain. Those who experience a traumatic injury such as a whiplash auto collision, sports injury, slip and fall or blow to the head definitely know what caused their neck pain. However, many people have neck pain that seemingly, appears for no apparent reason.

Symptoms of neck pain from an injury such as whiplash can appear within days, weeks or even months. These injuries are dependent on a variety of factors. A person who is rear ended in an automobile accident can suffer injuries even if the collision is only ten miles per hour. Getting hit from the side or the rear is more harmful than a front-end accident. People with long, non-muscular necks suffer more in automobile accidents, or sports injuries. Unawareness of the impending impact also worsens neck trauma. Acute injuries lead to misalignments of the spinal bones of the neck and sprain of the neck ligaments causing mechanical neck pain.

Those who experience neck pain that progresses very gradually and who’ve had no trauma may wonder why their discomfort is such a significant problem. Prolonged poor posture from office work, lying on a couch awkwardly watching television night after night, sleeping with a pillow the doesn’t properly support the neck are common causes. There is no trauma involved, but gradual mechanical misalignment of the spinal vertebrae of the neck occurs resulting in pinched nerves, irritated spinal joints, and subsequent neck discomfort.

Since the cause of most neck pain is mechanical, chiropractic treatment is a practical solution and the gold standard of care. Chiropractors use gentle, safe chiropractic spinal adjustments to correct misaligned bones. This removes the cause of pinched nerves and irritated joints and allows sprained ligaments to heal properly.

Chiropractors employ a multi-modal treatment approach and may also use therapies of electrical muscle stimulation and cold packs to speed healing. Advising the patient on the best exercises to perform, leads to long lasting results. No drugs or surgery are needed to help the majority of people gain relief neck discomfort.

You can be sure that your doctor of chiropractic will continue to use the best available evidence, most advanced treatment methods and clinical experience to help with acute and chronic neck pain relief.

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