Chiropractic Care Helps Give Hip Pain Relief

Hip pain aggravates many people. Discomfort of the hip can limit one’s ability to stand or walk as long as a person would like, affect sleeping well because it’s difficult to lie on the painful side and, possibly lead to a major surgical hip replacement. This article will discuss how chiropractic care can eliminate or reduce hip pain and delay or avoid the need for hip surgery.

Most hip pain occurs from everyday wear and tear. This can lead to osteoarthritis, limit hip range of motion, and the ability of the hip joint to bear the weight of the body.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint made up of thigh bone, called the femur (the ball) and the pelvic bone, called the iliac bone (the socket). However, the hip joint is closely related and associated to the entire pelvic structure. The pelvis is made up of the large bones in the lower part of the body.

When chiropractors evaluate a patient suffering from hip pain, we not only look at the hip joint itself, but the entire pelvis and the patient’s ability to carry the weight of the body evenly on both feet. A chiropractic evaluation may entail looking at a weight-bearing x-ray of both hips and the entire pelvis in the initial evaluation process. If the pelvis is twisted and unlevel a patient may be bearing too much weight on the side of the painful hip, contributing to their discomfort.

When treating a patient with hip pain chiropractors will often use a combination of methods to achieve the best possible outcome with respect to pain relief. This can include chiropractic manipulation, also called chiropractic adjustments, to the pelvis to correct imbalances. There are multiple types of chiropractic adjustments depending on the patient, their condition and age and preference. I have patients who have had one or both hips replaced and have used a low, force, gentle, safe type of chiropractic adjustment successfully with these folks for many years, some for decades.

Treatment may also include certain soft tissue, trigger point pressure techniques to relieve tight muscles that are in spasm. Patients are instructed to perform specific exercises that they can perform at home. Proper use of cold packs, also at home, can help to reduce inflammation.

By following through with chiropractic care, most patients find considerable relief of hip pain and restoration of their normal activities.

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