How Chiropractic Care Eliminated A Woman’s Neck Pain

I recently had a middle-aged woman come to my office for help with significant neck pain that she was experiencing. Her pain had been mildly bothering her for several years, but in the past three months, it had greatly worsened. She had an eight hours a day, five days per week computer/desk job. Her neck pain increased as the day went on and was particularly bad at the end of the work week. Her neck discomfort improved when she took ibuprofen three times a day, but that was beginning to irritate her stomach. This article will discuss how this patient’s neck pain was improved with chiropractic care.

I have seen many patients in my 38 years of chiropractic practice with similar complaints. Neck problems, like this patient’s, can develop gradually over many years, and then seemingly, suddenly deteriorate. In her case, prolonged poor posture from her desk job caused the spinal bones in her neck to become slightly misaligned. Spinal bones of the neck are called the cervical vertebrae. When the cervical vertebrae become malpositioned, they can pinch and irritate the spinal nerves of the neck. If these nerves are irritated the muscles of the upper shoulders and the neck can go into spasms and become very tight and quite uncomfortable.

Upon initially seeing her, we sat down and had a conversation detailing what she was feeling. Then we did an evaluation where we checked her spine’s alignment. X-rays were also taken to further identify misaligned vertebrae and pinched nerves and to rule out non-chiropractic conditions like cancer and fractures.

Once I definitively knew that her condition could be helped with chiropractic care I showed her a plastic model of a spine and exactly what was causing her problem. Since she had never been to a chiropractor before I fully explained what her treatment would entail before we did anything. Since she was comfortable with that, we started her treatment. I very gently started to perform safe, chiropractic manipulations to help her condition. We also used an electrical physical therapy machine that massaged her muscles. I gave her exercises she could do at home and made recommendations on how to improve her workspace and her posture.

Within a couple weeks of beginning care, her neck pain had significantly improved. In another week it had completely resolved she did not need to be seen anymore.  I told her she could come back anytime. She was especially happy that she had stopped taking ibuprofen and her stomach was feeling better as well.

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