What Will Happen On Your First Chiropractic Visit For Back And Neck Pain Relief

Many people search for neck and back pain relief. They’ve tried medication’s, physical therapy massage, yoga and other remedies. Chiropractic care is an option they may have considered but have not taken the step to schedule a first visit. This article will give you information and an introduction about what happens on your first chiropractic visit for neck and back pain relief.

Initially, your chiropractor will take a complete history. Finding out the location of your pain, when it started and what caused it to begin are very important. Knowing how is it affecting your ability to work, take care of your house and yard, engage in recreational activities like walking and get adequate sleep and rest will help, so that you can regain these vital activities of daily living.

The next step Is to check you physically. Chiropractors are thoroughly trained to examine your neck and lower back for muscle spasm and swelling, poor and abnormal posture and misalignments of the spine and pelvis, which can cause pinched nerves.

X-rays may be taken to rule out non-chiropractic factors like fracture or cancer, but also to look for abnormal alignment, degeneration and arthritis. If MRI or CT scans have been taken, they can be obtained and viewed by the chiropractor.

Once the chiropractor has reviewed your history, checked you physically and studied your x-rays and other information he or she will put it all together and correlate it all. Then it can be determined if you have a condition that can be helped. If so, chiropractic treatment can begin.

Chiropractic care to realign malpositioned bones of the spine and pelvis is gentle, safe and effective. By following through on your chiropractor’s advice, you will find considerable relief of your neck and back pain and restoration of your normal activities.

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