To Get Lower Back and Neck Pain Relief Protect the Curves of Your Spine

If we look at our spine from the front, ideally, the spine should be straight. If we look at our spine from the side, there should be three curves. If these curves are present, we have less chance for neck or low back pain. This article will discuss spinal curves and the prevention and relief of neck and low back pain.

As noted earlier, there are three curves of the spine when looking from the side. There is a forward curve in the neck area, which is called the cervical spine. There is a backward curve of the mid back, which is called the thoracic spine. And finally, there is another forward curve of the lower back, which is our lumbar spine. Collectively, these are called the lateral curvature of the spine.

These three curves act as a shock absorber or cushion for our spine. Historically, we as humans, have been creatures that move around walking, carrying and bending to perform our daily tasks. This movement and natural, normal exercise help to maintain the curves of our spine,

keeping us free of back and neck pain.

In our society today, however, there are three defiler’s that can cause a loss of our normal spinal curves. These are trauma, such as whiplash auto accidents. Poor posture from sitting in school classrooms and at desk and computer jobs. And finally, from lack of movement, especially walking. All these lead to neck, pain and low back pain.

The solution to correcting these ills is three-fold. First, seek chiropractic care to correct misalignments of the spine. Chiropractors are the preeminent spine-care specialists in providing safe, gentle, effective neck and lower back pain relief. Next, understand that human beings are not made to sit for long periods of time. Taking standing and walking breaks and using an upright desk must be employed to counteract the effects of sitting. Finally, walking to optimally exercise the muscles surrounding the spine and gently introduce movement to the spinal joints and discs should be undertaken to enhance proper spinal curvature.

Proper lateral curvature of the spine is important to prevent and gain relief of neck and lower back pain. Achieving normal curves of the spine is relatively simple and easy, and like all beneficial aspects of life, need to be performed continuously and harmoniously.

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