Utilize Movement To Get Relief Of Back And Neck Pain

Many people incorporate exercise into their daily routine to obtain physical and mental benefits. While this is an admirable activity, others are not inclined to have structured routines of exercise in their daily life. This article will discuss the benefits of movement, versus exercise, and how this can be a benefit for those suffering from back and neck pain.

Let’s start with defining exercise. Exercise describes a structured activity, where a person aims to lose weight, burn calories, and build muscle. On the other hand, movement is more spontaneous and focuses on activity that feels enjoyable.

Examples of exercise would be going to the gym to lift weights, getting up in the morning and going jogging or going to the cross-training facility for regular workouts. For many this routine works well and keeps them on a regular program which they enjoy and helps them stay in shape.

For others, this type of planned, structured activity would not only be impossible due to hectic lifestyles but would be akin to misery and lead to burn out. Irregularities in their lives would not allow them to commit to regular exercise and might even provoke feelings of guilt, and shame should they not complete regular programs of exercise.

Another approach would be to permit impromptu activities of movement into our day. Examples of movement are going for a walk of any type and duration at any time. For some it might be taking an hour walk on a trail in the woods daily. For another who is an office worker, taking several 10-minute walks around the parking lot of the office building where they work would be not only sufficient but excellent.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that my favorite exercise is walking. Walking with good, upright, erect posture, while swinging the arms is what human beings have done for millennia, and what we are designed for. My experience in helping patients gain neck and lower back pain relief has led me to discover that walking is tremendously beneficial. I’ve come to learn that my patients who are lifetime walkers are the healthiest overall, especially well into their later years.

If you are a regular exerciser congratulations, keep it up! If you are one who engages in spontaneous but consistent movement congratulations also and keep it up too Neither way is perfectly right for every person. The key is to utilize what works best for you and keeps you healthy.

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