Sciatica Pain Relief Strategies

Sciatic nerve pain can affect our ability to work, take care of our homes, inhibit our social lives  and hinder our relations with others. Sciatica pain can range from mildly nagging to excruciating and disabling. In looking for pain relief most people want to try something that is simple, uncomplicated, and inexpensive. This article will discuss sciatic nerve pain and offer drug free, nonsurgical treatment options to gain sciatica pain relief.

The sciatic nerve is formed by branches of nerves exiting openings between the bones on either side of the lower part of the spine. These branches combine at the buttock area and form one large nerve, about the size of a person’s thumb, that gives off smaller branches as it travels down the leg. When that nerve is pinched and causes pain we call it sciatica, sciatic pain or sciatic nerve pain. The majority of sciatic nerve pain problems occur due to misalignments of joints of the spinal bones of the lower back and low back disc problems, causing, a pinched and irritated nerve. As a practicing chiropractor of 38 years, I have seen thousands of patients whose sciatic pain results from this cause.

Two aspects of treating and eliminating sciatic pain need to be considered. The first is through safe, effective treatment. Chiropractic care is very helpful and successful in aligning the joints of the lower back. Chiropractors perform gentle, conservative spinal manipulation, which is sometimes called a chiropractic adjustment. Mild traction to the lower back by various types of equipment can help injure discs to be treated. Patients tend to respond to this care and find a great deal of relief of their sciatic nerve discomfort.

The second aspect of helping a patient to obtain sciatica pain relief are the home remedies and obligations that patients themselves can perform. I will list several tips in this article.

Since a disc problem causing sciatica is usually worse in the morning it is important that patients begin their day slowly with a very gentle warm-up routine. Those suffering from sciatica find that allowing their back to warm-up makes the rest of the day go a lot easier.

Another conservative treatment may involve the use of cold packs to decrease inflammation. Several applications of a comfortable cold pack per day can be of great assistance and giving sciatic nerve pain relief.

There are many more home remedies that chiropractors, like me, recommend in helping people gain sciatic nerve pain relief. Seeing a chiropractor maybe one of the most effective actions one can take to find a simple, cost-effective approach to finally live a life free of sciatic pain.

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