Neck And Upper Back Pain Relief Strategies

Neck Pain Relief

Neck and upper back pain can affect our disposition, actions with others, ability take care of our homes and hinder our ability to work. Neck pain can range from mildly uncomfortable to disabling. In looking for pain relief most people want to try something that is uncomplicated, easy and inexpensive. This article will discuss neck and upper back pain and offer drug free, nonsurgical treatment options to gain neck and upper back pain relief.

The majority of neck and upper back pain problems occur due to misalignments of joints of the spinal bones of the upper back and neck, causing pinched and irritated nerves. As a practicing chiropractor of 38 years, I have seen thousands of patients whose neck pain results from this cause.

 Two aspects of treating and eliminating neck and upper back pain need to be considered. The first is through safe, effective treatment. Chiropractic care is very helpful and successful in aligning the joints of the neck and upper back. Chiropractors perform gentle, conservative spinal manipulation, which is sometimes called a chiropractic adjustment. Most patients respond quickly to this care and find a great deal of relief of their neck and upper back pain discomfort.

The second aspect of helping a patient to obtain neck pain relief are the home remedies and obligations that patients themselves can perform. I will list several tips in this article.

Prolonged sitting is by far the most prominent reason that people develop neck and upper back pain. The human body is designed for movement, not being sedentary and stationary.

Unfortunately, the humans begins sitting for long periods of time in childhood. Preschool, elementary, and high school years require years of sitting at a desk and computer. Higher education and office jobs necessitate even more sedentary posture.

Years and even decades of sitting affects the alignment of the spine, joints and nerves. It is crucial that we take simple steps to mitigate the effects of prolong sedentary posture. We must get up from the desk and computer often and regularly. I believe that office workers, students and people using handheld devices should get up and move about for a minute for every 30 minutes of sitting.

Standing and variable desks should be used and made available. Even if one can stand 10 to 25% more, during the course of their day, versus sitting, harmful effects to the neck and upper back can be decreased.

Perhaps the most important neck and upper back pain relief strategy one can undertake is to go for walks often. This can range from a 45-minute walk once a day to several 10 minute walks spaced at convenient times.

There are many more home remedies that I recommend in helping people gain neck and upper pain relief. Seeing a chiropractor is the most effective action one can take to find a simple, cost-effective approach to finally live a life free of neck pain.

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