Lower Back Pain Elimination Strategy

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can affect one’s mood, interaction with others, ability to move about freely and hinder the ability to work. Back pain can range from annoying to all consuming. In looking for solutions most people want to try something that is simple, easy and not costly. This article will discuss mechanical lower back pain and offer nonsurgical, nonpharmacologic treatment options to gain back pain relief.

The majority of lower back pain problems occur due to misalignments of joints of the lower back and pelvis, causing pinched and irritated nerves. At times, lower back disc problems also contribute to lower back pain. As a practicing chiropractor of 38 years, I have seen thousands of patients whose back pain results from these causes.

I have found that there are two aspects of treating and eliminating lower back pain. The first is through gentle, conservative treatment. Chiropractic care is very helpful and successful in aligning the joints of the lower spine and the pelvis. Chiropractors perform safe, effective spinal manipulation, which is sometimes called a chiropractic adjustment. This care, typically, quickly helps reduce and eliminate lower back pain. If a lower back disc problem is present a chiropractor can utilize gentle traction to decompress an irritated disc, again helping the patient to gain pain relief as quickly as possible.

The second aspect of helping a patient to obtain lower back pain relief are the home remedies and obligations that patients themselves must perform. I will list one tip in this article.

An important piece of knowledge to realize is that the lower back is very fragile when we first get up in the morning. This makes sense because we’ve been sedentary while sleeping all night.

It is extremely helpful to do some gentle stretching, move about and walk to warm up our back in the morning.

With more people working from home, I have found that sometimes people get out of bed and immediately sit down at their computer and start working. They mistakenly think that since they are not doing hard physical labor, they are not hurting their backs. However, sitting for long periods of time is every bit as deleterious to the lower back as is a manual labor occupation.

Taking 15 minutes in the morning to do proper stretches and some gentle walking would help to prevent many people from having back pain in the first place. For those suffering from back pain this prescription will help them eliminate back pain.

There are many more home remedies that chiropractors, like me, recommend to help people gain back pain relief. Seeing a chiropractor is the most effective action one can take to find a simple, cost-effective approach to finally live a life free of back pain.

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