Chronic Lower Back Pain Can Affect Your Feet, Knees And Hips

Back and Leg Pain Relief

Many people suffer with chronic lower back pain. A significant number will also have problems with the lower extremity joints of the feet, knees and hips. Fortunately, there is a safe, gentle form of treatment to help bring pain relief of back and leg pain. This article will discuss back pain and its association with problems of the joints of the leg.

Discomfort of the back affects many people. A significant amount those with back maladies will develop chronic pain. This type of pain can be intermittent or constant. When symptomatic, back discomfort may cause a person to limp and walk with an impaired gait.

If a person walks with a limp and an impaired gait, they are putting extra stress on the hip joints, the joints of the knees and the many joints of the feet. When this excess stress occurs for many months and years it causes pain and arthritis to develop in the joints of the lower extremities.

When a person experiences back discomfort, and painful arthritic problems of the joints of the leg they tend to become less mobile and more sedentary. This leads to inability of activity, a tendency to become deconditioned and out of shape and the loss of normal function of one’s daily activities.

In my 37 years of chiropractic practice, I have seen this often. Patients will develop chronic pain of the low back, which in turn causes them to limp, which then places abnormal stress on their hips, knees and feet, leading to arthritic lower extremity joints, which further exacerbates the problem. These patients tend to move about less than less, experience weight gain and lose their overall health.

However, this scenario does not have to occur, or if it does, steps can be taken to improve the situation.

Chiropractic care has been utilized for more than 100 years to help people with back pain relief. If a back discomfort episode is a new and acute it can be addressed by chiropractic care and resolved. This is the ideal treatment and can help minor back problems from becoming long-term, chronic paint of the back.

If however, back pain has existed for an extended period of time and become chronic, it can also be addressed with chiropractic care. Studies show that although not all chronic back discomfort problems can be completely alleviated, most can be improved. This improvement may be enough to allow a person to walk normally, or as well as possible, thus relieving stress of the lower extremity hip joints, joints of the knee and the feet.

When safe, gentle chiropractic care is utilized to correct or manage discomfort of the back,  give pain relief, improve one’s gate and minimize stress of the joints of lower extremity a person is more likely to be able to move about properly, stay conditioned and healthy and maintain their ability to have a functionally normal life.

Anyone suffering from back problems and lower extremity problems of the hips, knees and feet would do well to consult with a local chiropractor for possible gentle, safe chiropractic relief of pain.

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