Pelvic Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Pelvic Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many women experience discomfort in the back of the pelvic area. Gentle, safe chiropractic care can be utilized to gain relief of pelvic back pain during pregnancy. This article will discuss why pelvic pain occurs during pregnancy and what can be done to give relief of back pain.

Two thirds of expecting mothers will experience back pain during their pregnancy. One in five will experience pain in the pelvis. These maladies can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life during this important time. It may hinder her ability to work, take care of chores around the home, sleep well and to enjoy the experience of her pregnancy.

During pregnancy many wonder what the cause of pelvic and back pain is exactly. The growing fetus shifts the center of gravity forward in a woman’s body. This places stress and strain on the spine and the pelvic joints which are also called the sacroiliac joints. The sacroiliac joints are on either side of the tailbone area. If one were to point to the center of the rear pockets of your blue jeans that would be where the sacroiliac joints are located. If biomechanical stress from the expectant mother’s posture causes misalignment or improper movement of the sacroiliac joints, pelvic pain can occur.

Chiropractic care has been shown to help with this discomfort. On the initial visit a chiropractor will perform an evaluation to determine if the sacroiliac joints are the source of the problem. This is done by looking at the woman’s posture, evaluating how she bends and moves and by gently palpating or feeling the muscles and pelvic joint alignment. If there is misalignment or improper motion of the sacroiliac joints safe, gentle chiropractic care can be given to give pain relief.

In a scientific research study in 2014, 115 pregnant women received chiropractic care for lower back and pelvic pain. Amazingly, 52% reported improvement after one week of care. Interestingly, the study showed that those women who had back pain before their pregnancy tended to do have higher pain scores during their pregnancy than those expectant mothers who experienced no pain before they were pregnant.

Chiropractors use a variety of methods to treat women with pregnancy related pelvic and back pain. One method that is popular in treating pregnant females is called the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique utilizes certain methods of care to realign the pelvis and lower spine of the expecting mother and has been successful in helping thousands of women gain relief of pain of the back. It is also common after the baby has been delivered for women to see a chiropractor for any back pain that may be existing and to make sure the pelvis maintains proper alignment postpartum.

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The History Of The Chiropractic Profession

Dr David Daniel Palmer–Founder of the Modern Chiropractic Profession

Last week the chiropractic profession celebrated it’s 125th anniversary of it’s founding. The history of the profession of chiropractic is unique, interesting and colorful. This article will discuss events leading up to the advent of the modern chiropractic profession, and the discovery and advancement of chiropractic.

Physical manipulation of the spine, extremity joints and soft tissues is a healing therapy that has been known to exist for millennia. Hippocrates (460-385BCE), the ancient Greek who is considered to be the father of medicine, said: “look to the spine for disease” and practiced spinal manipulation. Galen (131-202 CE), a Roman surgeon, also provided evidence of manipulation of the spine. Spinal manipulation has been practiced in the early Middle East, Far East, India, Central America and Europe.

In the low countries of northern Europe manipulation was performed by laypeople who were called bone setters. These were not trained physicians but, were people skilled in manipulative techniques that were passed along by family members, neighbors or craftsman. As these people migrated to the United States they brought their skills with them. Many of them settled in the Midwestern states of Iowa and Nebraska.

In the late 1800s a man named Daniel David Palmer, who lived in Davenport Iowa, is credited with performing what is considered to be the first modern chiropractic treatment. He performed a treatment on the spine of a patient and the patient’s poor hearing was helped. Rather than using the term manipulation, he called his method a “chiropractic adjustment.” From that beginning Dr. Palmer began to practice chiropractic by administering chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal vertebrae that were out of alignment, causing pinched nerves. His practice grew phenomenally as he was able to help many people’s ailments without the use of drugs and surgery.

Dr. Palmer became concerned that if he did not pass his knowledge on, his skills would be lost upon his passing. Therefore, he created The Palmer School of Chiropractic where he began training others to become doctors of chiropractic. These chiropractors went out to the rest of the country to start practices and some of them formed other chiropractic colleges.

Dr. David Daniel Palmer’s son, Bartlett James (BJ), also became a chiropractor and continued to build and expand his father’s school which became known as The Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. BJ Palmer was an interesting person in that he started other businesses. One was a powerful radio station in Davenport Iowa that is said to have given former president Ronald Reagan his first job in the entertainment business.

The chiropractic profession proliferated in the United States and throughout the world. More chiropractic educational institutions have developed. Chiropractors have presented scientific articles that have been accepted by prestigious research journals. In the US every state issues licenses and regulates the chiropractic profession.

Chiropractic care for spinal back and neck pain relief is considered the gold standard of treatment. Chiropractic care has been shown to be safe, gentle and effective in providing millions of people spinal pain relief.

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Low Back Pain Relief In Pregnancy

Gentile Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Relief In Pregnancy

Did you know that 50-72% of women experience low back pain during their pregnancy? Back pain is also the leading cause of missed workdays for working women during their pregnancy. Studies show 10% of women will experience disabling back discomfort for at least two years following delivery. Obviously, back problems associated with pregnancy are major health concern. This article will discuss why pain of the back develops during pregnancy and a safe, effective method to help with this malady.

Most would agree that medications and surgery are not the answer for a woman with a back problem during her pregnancy and even in the breast-feeding postpartum. In 2004 Americans spent $26.1 billion trying to find relief of back pain during pregnancy.

Because treatment options are limited during pregnancy due to mother and fetus safety a nonsurgical and drug-free option would be the best course of action. Fortunately, that option exists in the form of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic offers a safe, noninvasive approach to managing back discomfort in pregnancy that uses a time-honored method of care. Because of the changes occurring in a woman’s body during her pregnancy the lower part of the spine in the pelvis are susceptible to becoming misaligned and moving improperly. The lower the bones of the spine are called the lumbar vertebrae. The pelvis is made of three separate bones formed by two winged bones called the Ilium and the central tailbone called the sacrum.

Because of the weight and position of the growing fetus any of the lumbar vertebral and pelvic bones can experience improper movement and misalignments of their joints. A chiropractic examination will reveal where improper biomechanical changes occur in the low back and pelvis. Then, safe, gentle, chiropractic adjustments (sometimes called chiropractic manipulation) can be administered to the pregnant female to give effective relief of lower back pain during pregnancy.

In 2009, 78 pregnant women participated in a research study to evaluate disability and pain intensity upon receiving chiropractic care for back discomfort during pregnancy. For disability 51% showed improvement with chiropractic care. For pain 67% showed significant improvement. In a follow-up 11 months later 85% rated their improvement as either excellent or good!

Research also shows that women receiving chiropractic care during their pregnancy experience faster delivery time and less delivery discomfort.

So, the answer is clear. Seek chiropractic care during pregnancy to manage disability and pain so that you can enjoy your pregnancy!

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“My Lower Back Feels Stronger Now”

Lower Back Pain Relief Through Safe Chiropractic Care

“My lower back feels stronger now.” This is the statement I heard after I had treated Marianne for her back condition. It is also a statement I’ve heard many times in my 35 years of chiropractic practice. Marianne was a 45-year-old patient who was a hairstylist. Over the past several years she had been experiencing increased back discomfort. She also noted her lower back felt extremely weak and tired after putting in a long day at work.

This article will discuss how chiropractic care can give relief of low back pain and help increase back strength and endurance. We’ll also discuss a recent scientific research study detailing how chiropractic therapy helps with relief of back discomfort and reported subsequent improvement of disability.

Marianne had been to her PCP, orthopedic specialist and physical therapist but her back episodes of pain and tiredness persisted. When I initially examined her, I found that she had misalignments of her spinal bones and pelvis that had been overlooked. We discussed a plan of care that led to her obtaining relief of her back complaints by providing chiropractic manipulations to correct malpositioned and improperly moving spinal vertebrae and pelvic joints. We also worked through a process of providing stretching and strengthening exercises so that she was able to take on the strenuous physical activities of being a hairstylist without fear of having tired back at the end of her workday.

Chiropractic care has been shown, scientifically, to increase strength and endurance of the back. In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, June 2020 a study was performed where military personnel received chiropractic care. Those receiving treatment reported improved strength and endurance, as well as a reduction in low back pain intensity and disability compared with patients on a waiting list who received no treatment.

I have also seen patients in occupations such as nursing, construction, restaurant workers, employees in the retail business and others experience an ability to perform their occupations not only free of back discomfort, but also able to have the endurance to put in long hours required of their profession.

If one has strength or endurance disability, and pain from a spinal condition it is highly recommended to seek chiropractic care immediately. It could be the difference between relief or pain, or normal function versus disability. It might even be the difference between being able to continue working or be forced into retirement.

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Preventing Back Pain

Back Pain Prevention

As a practicing chiropractor for over 35 years I have seen thousands of patients seeking care for their back discomfort. Fortunately, I have been able to help the vast majority gain relief of their spinal pain. Once back problems are relieved, I encourage patients to take necessary steps to keep it from returning. This article will discuss steps one can take for the prevention of back and spinal pain.

Experts note that 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. 60% of opioid medication prescriptions, as Percocet and OxyContin, are taken for spinal neck and lower back discomfort. Deaths from unintentional drug overdoses in the USA, primarily driven from opioid overdoses, are the second leading cause of accidental death. Clearly, we need to take simple, yet effective preventative measures to control spinal pain.

I like my patients to consider focusing their efforts toward these three approaches to prevent recurring back discomfort: proper exercise, proper posture support when sitting and sleeping and chiropractic preventative care.

Proper exercises to prevent spinal pain are easy, take little time and require no specialized equipment. I counsel every patient I see to perform some simple stretching exercises in the morning that involve neck and low back muscle warm-ups. For the purposes of this article, I won’t delve into specific exercises, but can say a morning exercise routine should be very gentle and low risk. More vigorous exercise should be performed later in the day. Also, anyone who knows me, will confirm that my favorite exercise is walking. Walking with good, upright, erect posture while swinging the arms appropriately is what human beings have done for millennia and what we are designed for. Additionally, as much as possible, walking should be performed on softer services, like trails and high school tracks.

Proper posture support is vitally important in the prevention of spinal pain. A good quality mattress may be one of the most important investments a person can make. Most traditional spring mattresses have seen their best days after approximately eight years of usage and need to be replaced with a new mattress. I am a supporter of adjustable air mattresses in addition to regular spring mattresses.

Because we sit so much for school and work, we must also have a good quality supportive chair to support our spine. One must spend some time trying different types of chairs that give proper economic support. If possible, it is highly recommended utilizing a variable desk-top so that standing while doing desk and computer work is an option.

Finally, chiropractic care to keep proper movement and alignment of the spine, would be desirable in the quest to prevent discomfort of the back and neck. Chiropractors use gentle, safe, effective spinal manipulation to keep structures of the spine healthy. We all know that if our car is out of alignment our tires will wear out more quickly. If our spine is out of alignment, mechanical stress will cause early spinal degeneration which may lead to back and neck maladies. Chiropractic care provides a clear and strong advantage to prevent spine pain. Following these steps and approaches will allow many people, if not the majority, to live life free of chronic pain and disability due to spinal problems.

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