Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Many women experience lower back pain during their pregnancy. Fortunately, there is a viable solution offering pain relief. This article will discuss why mechanical back pain of pregnancy occurs, some recent research detailing back discomfort during pregnancy, and a drug-free, nonsurgical alternative method to gain relief of spinal pain for expectant mothers.

First let’s discuss the physical changes placed on the spine and pelvis as pregnancy progresses. As the fetus grows and enlarges the mother’s stomach protrudes and places stress upon the lower spine, which is called the lumbar area. The bones of the lumbar spine are called vertebrae. Joints between the vertebrae of the lumbar spine are called the facet joints. The facet joints undergo more and more mechanical stress as a woman’s pregnancy progresses.

Likewise, the bones of the pelvis may become misaligned, causing irritation of the joints and possibly a pinched sciatic nerve, a painful condition causing radiating nerve pain down the leg.

A research study in the journal Pain Management Nursing, June 2020 noted questionnaires completed by 400 expectant mothers revealed that 75% had experienced back pain at some point in their pregnancy, particularly in the lumbar region during the third trimester. Nearly half of the women in this study (45%) reported that their back pain limited their daily activities. Clearly back pain during pregnancy is a problem and a solution needs to be addressed.

Chiropractic doctors commonly treat low back pain rising from pregnancy with a combination of manual therapies and specific exercises. Chiropractors utilize spinal adjustments to realign the joints of the lumbar spine and pelvis to help expectant mothers gain pain relief. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are safe and gentle methods of treatment.

One method of chiropractic care, called the Webster Technique, has been successful for treating women during pregnancy for decades. Dr. Larry Webster, a chiropractor, found that using a chiropractic treatment method he developed, helped many women experience a much more comfortable pregnancy and easier and faster deliveries.

The Webster Technique is now taught in the profession of chiropractic and many chiropractors become certified after being trained in the technique and procedures. By doing an online search or simply calling a chiropractor’s office one can readily find a chiropractor who is certified in the Webster technique.

Many midwives, obstetricians and obstetric nurses have observed the benefits pregnant women receive to obtain low back pain relief through chiropractic care and readily recommend expectant mothers seek chiropractic services.  Women who would like to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy would be well advised to investigate having a chiropractor on their healthcare team for possible assistance.

Dr James Schofield is a certified Webster Technique chiropractor near me. Visit here for pregnancy back pain relief.

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