Natural Help For Pain Common In Kids, Teens And Young Adults

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Pain Relief for Kids, Teens & Young Adults

Many adults may be unaware that kids, teens and young adults frequently experience painful conditions on a frequent basis. An adult used to having pain from injuries, repetitive stress and old age may find it inconceivable that youngsters can suffer similar maladies. This article will discuss pain syndromes common in young people, recent research detailing this problem and a natural approach to help alleviate this predicament.

While we may think of young people as being less active than previous generations, a brief assessment of their activities will show otherwise. How many of the boomer generation participated in extreme sports like half pipe snowboarding, extreme skateboarding or acrobatic bicycle riding? While sports like football, cheerleading, hockey and lacrosse have existed for generations, recent participants are practicing and competing at a much more demanding level than ever before. Athletes are bigger, stronger and faster. Cheerleaders perform much more acrobatic and dangerous routines than previously. Obviously, youngsters of all levels are at significant risk to suffer injury and consequently painful conditions.

A recent research study in European Journal Of Pain, December 2019 detailed this very subject. Researchers reviewed the healthcare usage of over 300,000 Swedes under the age of 24 and found that 15.8% sought treatment for at least one painful condition and 2017, with abdominal pain, joint pain, headache and back and neck pain being the most common. Of these individuals, one in seven consulted with their healthcare provider at least four times during the year. These findings suggest that pain is a common complaint among children and young adults.

When dealing with musculoskeletal complaints of joint pain, headaches, neck and lower back pain affecting young people there are a variety of healthcare providers that can be consulted. One particular health care specialist to be considered is a chiropractor. Chiropractors provide safe, natural, drug-free, nonsurgical relief of musculoskeletal pain. The chiropractic profession has a 124-year history of helping people of all ages with these types of problems.

Doctors of chiropractic are experts in treating low back pain, neck pain and headaches. Many of these disorders come from problems of the spine. If spinal bones, called vertebrae, are misaligned or moving improperly, pain can result from irritated nerves and spinal joints. Chiropractors are trained to examine not only adults, but also young children, teens and young adults for common painful conditions related to the spine.

Painful conditions are frequent in children and young adults. These problems should not be ignored. If they are, even more deleterious consequences may occur later in life. A chiropractic healthcare provider  should be considered for pain relief for young people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions like headache, neck pain and back ache.

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