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In my 35 years of chiropractic practice I have seen thousands of patients looking for pain relief. I have found that although they have pain in one area of the body, the actual cause of the discomfort is coming from somewhere else. This article will discuss three cases of patients looking for relief of pain. The actual source of the pain was located elsewhere. Many times, relief of pain comes from an associated area.

Our first case study involved a patient who was having tension headaches. Kevin came to me noting that he was having frequent daily headaches. His headaches started in the back of his head and as the pain worsened, he would feel it in his temples and into his forehead. The headaches had come out of nowhere two months earlier. They made it difficult for him to be involved with his wife and three young children and to make a living at a busy job as a bartender. He had visited his medical doctor, had a brain MRI which was negative and tried medications, but his headaches persisted.

When I saw him, I found through an examination of his upper neck and x-rays of that area, he had misalignments of his upper vertebrae. These were causing pinching and irritating  the nerves and joints in that area which was the cause of his associated headaches. Once these misalignments were corrected through chiropractic care his headaches were completely eliminated, and he was able to resume his busy life as a husband, father and bartender. He was very happy to have relief of his pain.

Our second case study was Karen, who was having shoulder problems. She initially told me she was having limited movement and pain of her left shoulder. She found it hard to put on her bra and lifting a heavy object like a gallon container of milk was almost impossible. She watched her infant granddaughter during the day and was barely able to hold and carry her. Karen’s problem had been going on for about six months and was worsening. When I examined Karen, she had definite problems with the shoulder such as tendinitis, bursitis and ligament sprain. However, she also had misalignments of the vertebrae of her lower neck and upper back which was the cause of her associated shoulder pain. Chiropractic care for her spinal misalignments as well as care of the shoulder joint itself brought her back to having full movement of her shoulder, normal strength and pain relief.

The last case study in our discussion is of Patti, who was having pain of her right hip. She had constant pain of the hip and it was difficult for her to lie on her right side to sleep. She also found it difficult to use her right leg to apply pressure to the brake and gas pedals while driving. Her problem had gradually been worsening for over a year. Upon examination we discovered that she had misaligned an associated area of the pelvis called the sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint and the hip are closely associated. Through chiropractic care we were able to realign the sacroiliac joint in the pelvis which brought pain relief to Patty. She was able to sleep and drive her vehicle normally.

Many patients have painful areas of the body that are associated and related to other areas that are the actual cause of the pain. Chiropractic care can help discover these related and associated painful areas and bring about pain relief.

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