Our Patients Speak — Chelsea Bowling

Chelsea Bowling
Chelsea Bowling and Dr James Schofield


NAME: Chelsea Bowling


  1. What was your condition?

I had gotten headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain ever since I could remember.


  1. What steps had you taken previously to get help?

I had taken a variety of migraine medications, anti-inflammatories, ice and cracking my own neck to try to get relief. At one point, I experienced a migraine aura and ended up going to see a headache specialist for it.


  1. How were you referred to chiropractic?

My mom had gone to a chiropractor in the past and wanted to start getting regular adjustments again. She found Dr. Schofield online and booked an appointment for herself, my brother and I.


  1. In your words, what did the chiropractor do?

Dr. Schofield took me back to his office where he asked in detail about my pain, where I was experiencing it and when. He then did an exam, took some x-rays and walked me through a treatment plan that would work best for me and my condition.


  1. What are your hobbies and interests?

For fun, I like to go out with friends, play video games, crochet, and binge watch tv. I also like to spin, hike and do yoga and pilates to stay active.


  1. How has chiropractic helped your hobbies and interests?

Not having to plan my life around headaches and migraines anymore has been HUGE for me. I always had to have migraine medication with me, some form of caffeine and an excuse to get out of plans last minute just in case a headache started brewing. Now, I can be spontaneous and free to live my life without worrying that a headache will crash my party.


  1. How has chiropractic helped other aspects of your life?

When I was born, they had to use a suction device on the top of my head to help get me out. I wasn’t situated properly because I’m stubborn and I like to march to the beat of my own drum, I guess. Because of the awkward positioning during my birth, my very top vertebra was twisted out of alignment, causing the headaches and migraines I was experiencing. When I came to see Dr. Schofield, he pointed it out to me on the x-rays and started working to correct it. I’m happy to report that while realigning my vertebrae, I gained half an inch in height! Day one, I was 5 feet 1 ¼ inches tall. Today, I am 5 feet 1 ¾ inches tall! You can round that up to 5’2”, I don’t mind.


  1. Words of encouragement to others?

When you get a couple adjustments, start to feel better and think you don’t need to come in anymore… do it anyway. Finish the treatment plan Dr. Schofield laid out for you and come back religiously for maintenance. I promise, you’ll be glad you did. Be aware of your posture, make friends with your icepack and look out for the Evil G’s.

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