Seniors Benefit from Chiropractic Care

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Senior Citizen Neck & Back Pain

Lower back and neck pain are common causes of suffering and disability among older adults. When faced with back and neck pain many seniors seek a healthcare office for help. In many cases, x-rays are taken. In reviewing the x-rays a diagnosis of “arthritis” is given. The patient may be told: “It’s arthritis and you just have to live with it.” They are given pain medications to take and are expected to carry on.

However, research shows there is a different approach to take. In a scientific study published in The Journal of Arthritic Care and Research, October 2018 a significant, alternative approach was performed. A group of 182 seniors with back or neck pain, who participated in a 12-week treatment program that involved a combination of spinal manipulative therapy and rehabilitative exercise experienced impressive improvements in pain and disability.

Spinal manipulative therapy is a specific treatment performed by Doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors examine the neck and lower back areas of the spine to determine if there is misalignment or improper movement of the spinal bones which are called vertebrae. When misalignment or improper movement of the vertebrae is found, chiropractic care is performed to normalize the condition. Chiropractors have been treating patients suffering from back pain for more than 125 years. Chiropractic care is safe, effective and affordable.

Chiropractors also train patients to perform simple, gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to enhance healing of neck and back pain.

By using natural, alternative methods to treat neck pain and lower back pain through chiropractic care older adults have access to a nonsurgical, drug-free approach to help alleviate suffering and disability from these common conditions.

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