Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring!!

After our cold, dark, snowy winter, let me wish you HAPPY SPRING!

Many of us like to make resolutions at New Years. However, I have learned that it’s difficult to adhere to my ambitious resolutions at that time of year. I’m not very motivated and driven when it’s below zero, icy and I never see the sun. I find spring with its longer hours of daylight and sunshine, warmer weather, flowers starting to poke up and birds singing an easier time to start my resolutions. Especially health resolutions.

If you are looking to improve some aspect of your health, now is the time to begin. Nature itself is starting to enliven. The sap in the trees is starting to flow. Chipmunks, groundhogs and even bears are starting to stir. The ground is warming to allow the plants to grow. Robins will appear.

Biologically, we humans are also primed for health. It is a great time to nourish ourselves with healthy meals that give us abundant energy and help us shed unwanted pounds. It’s also a wonderful time to begin or ramp up our exercise program. Almost all exercise is beneficial but those of you who know me well will recall that I believe walking to be the best of all exercises and should be part of any routine.

Likewise, this is the perfect time of year to address health disturbances our bodies have acquired.  If we have spinal misalignments, our bodies don’t function properly. Our chiropractic care helps restore balance and allows our body to heal and function well – naturally – without drugs or invasive surgery.

So often we allow minor aches to accumulate. One ache comes along and then another. Soon almost all we can think about is pain. Our discomfort affects our sleep, ability to work at our jobs and at home and even affects our disposition with our family and friends. If this is your situation, now is the perfect time to put an end to pain.

If you are in pain, or just need a “tune-up” please give my office a call to schedule an appointment: 412-367-3313. We are always ready to help you on your path to good health.

Warm regards,

Dr James Schofield

Learn more about chiropractic offices 15237. Visit our Pittsburgh North Hills Dr of Chiropractic Facebook page.

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