Posture, People!!

087b1f2421010923afad3c054ccfdf8cNeck posture is something few of us ever think of, but many of us experience neck pain from not observing ideal neck positioning. Proper neck posture will alleviate many difficulties. It is important to follow recommended posture or various long-term physical problems may occur. Here are some common situations where most people do not have proper neck posture.

Today, just about everyone uses a computer at home or at work. However, very rarely will we sit in the proper position with our feet flat on the floor, our back straight, and our head firmly back toward the headrest of the chair. Our head weighs about as much as a bowling ball. If our head is directly over our shoulders our neck and upper back can handle the weight. However, if our head is even one inch forward it effectively increases the weight of the head by some ten pounds. Stop where you are right now and measure the angle of your head. It is more likely you are leaning forward about three inches, increasing the weight by thirty pounds. No wonder our neck, shoulders and upper back ache!

Neck discomfort is also often caused by bad support when resting. People who prop up their head with a bunch of pillows and lie on their sides or rest on the arm of the sofa are in danger of neck pain from this position. This will often result in neck and shoulder pain that is quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, that neck pain can also cause horrible headaches, possibly even migraines.

Something else to consider is the lack of proper eyewear. This may seem an odd link to neck discomfort, but being unable to see properly will often cause a person to lean forward, especially when driving. Someone who has long commutes to work or drives for a living is likely to experience chronic neck pain from this habit.

Neck pain is not the only concern here. Abusers of improper neck posture can also experience conditions such as pinched nerves, arthritis, and back issues. It is not uncommon for someone with chronic, poor neck posture to have degeneration of the discs of the neck or cervical spine.

Many people know that chiropractic treatment can help with neck pain. Chiropractors will also give you advice on proper posture. Some simple, quick stretching and strengthening exercises can help, not only with alleviating your neck pain but, if continued, can keep the pain from reoccurring.

Learn how to prevent or help neck pain. Here are some tips when choosing a chiropractor in North Hills Pittsburgh.

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