Our Patients Speak – Eva Rainforth

Eva Rainforth 2
Eva Rainforth & Dr James Schofield

What was your condition? For years, I had chronic pain in a very specific place under my left shoulder blade. It seemed that nothing could help. I tried massage, stretching, yoga, but nothing worked. I couldn’t find relief, and since I had a slight curvature of the spine from birth, I figured it was just a part of getting “creaky” and older!

 How were you referred to chiropractic? I never considered going the chiropractic route because I was skeptical of it. But a little under a year ago, during a time when I was feeling particularly acute pain in my shoulder blade, a couple of close friends told me about Dr. Schofield. I voiced my reticence, but my friends swore by him and urged me to go. I figured at that point (I was in a lot of pain), what do I have to lose?

In your words, what did the chiropractor do? Dr. Schofield is thorough, explains your treatment clearly, and educates you with exercises you can do to be proactive about your own unique healing process.

 How has chiropractic helped your hobbies and interests? I am a singer, and the adjustments have helped my alignment-which in turn has helped me be able to support my sound more efficiently. And after a concert performance, I don’t have the awful pain I used to have in my shoulder from holding my music for a couple of hours.

 How has chiropractic helped other aspects of your life?  Within a month of seeing Dr. Schofield, I felt consistent ease and release in my shoulder and neck that I hadn’t felt in a long time. As a result, I had more range of motion in my neck and head movement. I could rest my head both ways on my pillow at night instead of only to the right! My treatment has also helped me to be more aware of my own body structure. I am using more of my “self” (literally) when I move through space.

 Words of encouragement to others? I am so happy I found Dr. Schofield and gave the chiropractic approach a try. Chiropractic is a non-invasive holistic approach because you’re working with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. (It’s a preventative way to avoid surgery for some.) You have absolutely nothing to lose-or be afraid of-and everything to gain by giving chiropractic treatment a try! Thank you, Dr. Schofield!

To see more about our patients success stories visit here. Facebook reviews of James Schofield Chiropractor are worth reading!


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