Four Simple Secrets To Be Healthy This Winter

Secrets For A Healthy Winter

Many people struggle while trying to stay healthy through the winter months. Winter places more stress on our immune systems. We are faced with more indoor confinement requiring closer proximity to people and viruses. Lack of natural sunlight can reduce our body’s ability to be as strong as possible.

However we don’t have to remain helpless to the elements during winter. There are four simple secrets that you can utilize to be much healthier this winter than in the past. These steps are not expensive and will make you much stronger and resistive to illness.

1. Place a Humidifier in Your Bedroom

During the winter months most of us are exposed to some form of dry heat utilized in keeping our homes and workplaces warm. This may be gas or electric heat. Unfortunately these forms of energy do not allow for proper moisture and humidity in our living and working environments. It is helpful to have a humidifier on your furnace. But for many people this is not enough. Buying a small, portable humidifier and placing it in your bedroom is an excellent way to create added humidity while we are sleeping. These are usually inexpensive and can be bought at any of the big box stores.

2. Use a Sinus Rinse Before Bedtime

Our sinuses are a first line of defense for our body’s immune systems. The sinuses not only filter dust and particles and warm the air but create a barrier to airborne bacteria and viruses. The sinus membranes must have just the right amount of moisture. Since the winter month’s air has a lower humidity level our work and home moisture content is reduced. After a month or two sinus membranes can get irritated and become drier. Many people experience nosebleeds during the winter and can attest to this phenomenon.

By using a sinus rinse before bedtime the sinuses can be moistened and kept healthy. This is usually a very simple process. I personally use a product called Neil Med sinus rinse which is simply a small plastic squeeze bottle, filled with lukewarm water and a pre-made saline packet. By squirting the water solution up each nostril while standing over a sink the sinuses can be rinsed and moistened. This will make the sinus membranes healthy and strong and help make us more comfortable through the winter.

3. Take Probiotics Supplements

The stomach and the intestinal track are also a very important part of our immune system. The fluids we drink and the foods we eat may contain bacteria and viruses which can attack our immune systems. Normally, there are “good bacteria” in our digestive systems which create chemicals that break down foreign viruses and bacteria. To help ensure that we have plenty of good bacteria in our gut we can take probiotic nutritional supplements. These contain millions of the good type of bacteria and can be taken like a vitamin. Taking these several times a week, or even daily, helps to strengthen this part of our body’s defense mechanism.

4. Have Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

While most people realize that chiropractic care can help with neck pain and back pain, adjustments given by a chiropractor will also help the entire nervous system to remain free of interference and irritation. If the nervous system is healthy it can direct the immune system to work at its optimum level. When the nervous system and the immune system are working at peak performance our body will have the ultimate ability to resist the stresses and demands winter places on us.

We don’t have to accept being unhealthy during winter. We have to take additional steps so as to not succumb to the causes of illness. This winter be proactive in your approach to having a healthy, enjoyable winter season by following these simple, inexpensive secrets.

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