Welcome To My First Blog Post!

Dr James Schofield

Welcome to my first blog post! To be fair I have been blogging for number of years at another website. When I discontinued using that website I lost control of those old posts. So now with this blog site I hope to have personal control over owning the information I’d like to pass on.
I like to read research regarding health topics. Yes, it can be pretty dry and academic. But, I feel I have an ability to “translate” medical academic research into everyday English in my blogging. Anyone having an interest in improving or maintaining their health, naturally, can benefit from these posts.
I believe that being healthy is easy. With modern medical devices, super-pharmaceuticals and involved surgical techniques we might be led to believe that being healthy is complicated and difficult. While none of us would want to be without lifesaving emergency medicine going back to simple basics, has been and still is the only way to be truly healthy, to feel and look younger, to be the weight we desire, to reduce stress, increase energy and decreased fatigue, and have resistance to sickness and injury.
I hope you will follow and enjoy these continued essays and thoughts.
Dr. James J Schofield

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